The main functions of the units

  • ensuring the correct application of legal acts and other documents
  • legal examination of draft acts and other documents
  • organization of works related to the conclusion of contracts
  • Participation in the protection of property rights and legitimate interests of the Inspection in case of non-fulfillment or improper performance of contractual obligations
  • organization of claim and claim work, analysis of its results
  • assistance in timely implementation of measures to eliminate violations of prosecutorial response documents, court decisions related to prosecutorial response documents, court decisions to relevant documents of law enforcement and regulatory bodies
  • prevention work on prevention of offenses and crimes in the system of training and diploma of seafarers
  • promoting law enforcement in the exercise of labor rights when solving industrial and social issues
  • preparation of measures to strengthen labor discipline
  • ensuring the correct application of the rules of labor, housing, pension, anti-corruption and other legislation concerning the rights and legitimate interests of the employees of the Inspectorate
  • collecting information on the official promulgation of legislation related to the activities of the Inspectorate
  • organization and implementation of works aimed at raising the level of legal knowledge of the employees of the Inspectorate, clarifying the practice of law enforcement, legal advice and legal assistance to the employees of the Inspection
  • legal assistance in the process of creation, development and implementation of scientific and technical developments, new technologies
  • accounting in accordance with national accounting standards (standards), as well as other legal acts on accounting with the reflection of operating transactions based on the accepted primary documents by double-entry them in the interconnected accounting accounts in accordance with the requirements of the Accounts Plan accounting
  • ensuring the identity of analytical data of turnover and synthetic accounting balances on the first day of each month
  • drawing up and reporting to state statistics bodies, Social Insurance Fund for temporary disability, the Pension Fund of Ukraine, other state bodies
  • transferring taxes and fees (required payments) to their respective budgets
  • ensuring the implementation of state policy on personnel in the Inspectorate, generalizing the practice of personnel
  • development of a plan of work with personnel, determination of annual and prospective need for personnel, formation of the order and improvement of qualification of employees of the Inspectorate
  • maintenance of the established accounting records
  • preparation of materials on appointments to positions and dismissal from positions of employees, forms personnel reserve
  • calculating work experience and preparing documents for assigning pensions to employees
  • preparation of documents for encouragement and remuneration of employees, keeping proper accounting
  • participation in the development of measures to strengthen labor discipline
  • carrying out work related to filling, accounting and storage of work books and personal files of employees
  • preparation of the staffing list in accordance with the approved structure of the Inspectorate and the minimum wage established by the current legislation
  • organizational support of the work of the certification commission Inspections and control of the performance of certification in subordinate structural units
  • providing retraining and advanced training of personnel
  • securing information that is confidential
  • development and implementation of measures to prevent corruption offenses, as well as control over their implementation in the Inspectorate
  • to provide the Inspectorate employee with clarification on the application of anti-corruption legislation
  • taking measures to identify and promote a conflict of interest, monitor compliance with the requirements of the legislation on conflict of interest management, as well as identify favorable risks for corruption offenses in the activities of officials and officials of the Inspectorate, submit proposals for elimination of such conflict
  • to assist the Inspection staff in completing the declarations, carrying out in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation the facts of timely submission of the said declarations, checking them for the presence of conflict of interest
  • informs in due course the facts, which may testify to the commission of corruption offenses by officials or officials of the Inspectorate, as well as the signs of the offense by the results of checks of declarations, if necessary – by law enforcement authorities in accordance with the competence
  • keeping records of the employees of the Inspectorate, who are held responsible for committing corruption offenses
  • liaising with units to prevent and detect corruption of government, local government, businesses, institutions and organizations
  • consideration, within the limits of authority, of reports of cases of corruption and other misconduct (acts or omissions) by the employees of the Inspection
  • monitoring of citizens’ complaints about corruption and other misconduct by the employees of the Inspectorate
  • reports on facts that may testify to the corruption of officials of the Inspectorate
  • carrying out the inspection of the structural units of the Inspectorate within its competence
  • planning the economic activity of the Inspectorate by developing draft financial plans and ensuring that they are coordinated by the relevant structural units
  • development and coordination of methodologies, provisions, recommendations, normative – instructive documentation on issues of price policy, remuneration, financial incentives and material assistance, additional and compensatory payments, social benefits
  • preparation of proposals for introduction of new forms of material incentives for employees
  • making payments to the Inspectorate’s payroll and salaries and participating in the approval of the Inspectorate’s staffing list
  • reconciliation of calculations of financial and material costs, as well as expenses for business trip of the Inspectorate
  • planning of the economic and economic activity of the Inspectorate
  • participation in the development of standards for material and labor costs and generalization of planned indicators of financial costs
  • development of costing estimates and service pricing projects
  • planning of expenses for carrying out of economic activity
  • exercising control over the use of funds
  • participation in work on property write-offs and registration of shortages, embezzlement of funds and property Inspections, asset damage
  • preparation of financial and economic reports on performance indicators of the financial plan, reports of the head on performance of indicators of state property and profit, property status of the enterprise and indicators and conditions of bonuses, as well as statistical reports on work and submission of it to the relevant bodies in due time.
  • analysis of materials on economic issues
  • review and approval of contracts
  • keeping and forming a single State Register of seafarers’ documents
  • maintaining the application software
  • confirmation of the validity of the seafarers’ documents issued on the basis of the provisions of the VAT
  • requesting and answering the status of seafarers’ documents by authorized bodies and institutions of foreign countries
  • counseling and clarification on matters within the purview of the registry
  • collection, compilation and analysis of data: the result of the audit carried out by the certification body’s auditors; the result of internal audit; adherence to general procedures / provisions in the execution of fundamental processes; inconsistencies found in day-to-day operations and as a result of receiving customer complaints
  • generalization and analysis of information from service consumers
  • control of the implementation of corrective actions
  • accounting and systematization of international treaties of Ukraine, taking measures for their implementation, conducting analysis, and generalizing the practice of their application
  • collection and preparation of materials, other information in IMO
  • collecting and preparing information to the European Commission
  • translation of letters and drafts of bilateral agreements received from the maritime administrations of IMO Member States
  • generalization and use of national and international experience in the field of training and diploma of seafarers
  • cooperation with ministries, other central executive authorities of Ukraine, branches of the Inspectorate
  • implementation of methodological support and control over the functioning of the processes of certification of seafarers’ qualifications in the SQC in regional branches and in the sector of the Kiev SQC
  • oversee compliance with SQC secretaries, chairmen and members of SQC
  • participation in the handling of complaints regarding the certification of seafarers and the work of the SQC in regional branches and sectors of the Kiev SQC
  • written and oral consultations to seafarers
  • organization of work of the Attestation Committee
  • control and organization of work on the content and updating of the official website of the Inspectorate
  • analysis of the experience of the leading countries in the field of merchant navigation in the training of seafarers, the organization and construction of a diploma and certification system
  • complaint handling regarding graduation, confirmation of qualification, work of SQC in regional branches and sector of Kiev SQC
  • organization of work of the Attestation Committee
  • consultations with members of the command staff and the shipboard team of ships that have approached the sector
  • reception of documents of candidates who applied to the sector for the purpose of certification of qualification
  • consideration and analysis of the candidate’s documents before forming and opening a personal file
  • clarification of the candidate valid requirements for the formation of a personal case, the procedure for conducting the assessment of competence and the procedure for confirming the qualification of the latter in the SQC
  • formation of the Candidate’s case and entering the data in the “Automated system of registration and verification of seafarers’ documents”
  • preparation of personal documents of candidates of documents of documents and other materials for consideration of SQC in accordance with the schedules of their conduct
  • maintaining SQC protocols during SQC operation
  • documentary support of work of SQC
  • design and delivery of Seaman’s Service Books
  • reviewing candidates’ personal files for work in the SQC and submitting them to the Attestation Committee
  • receiving and verifying in due course or upon a separate request detailed information on the identification of invalid or falsified documents of seafarers
  • analysis of statistics and reporting on the work of the SQC
  • preparation of draft annual plans
  • preparation of the agenda
  • cooperation with ministries, departments, other organizations
  • keeping current archives of incoming and outgoing correspondence of the Inspectorate
  • control over the observance of deadlines for the execution of documents
  • control over compliance with the requirements of the Inspection Manual
  • organization of work on providing all necessary economic, logistical and social and household resources to the activities of the structural units of the Inspectorate
  • control over the condition of the premises of the administrative apparatus of the Inspection
  • organization in conjunction with the accounting and reporting department of the annual inventory
  • organization of work on providing motor transport services
  • the organization together with the department of accounting and reporting of acceptance-transfer of fixed assets, low-value non-current tangible assets, stocks to regional branches of the Inspectorate
  • systematization of information for preparation of acts for writing off
  • organization for ordering, manufacturing and issuing to the structural units of the Inspectorate of Seals, Stamps, Marks “For Significant Contribution”, “Long Range Captain” marks, “First Class Ship Mechanic” signs, “Seaman’s Service Record” forms, etc.
  • fulfillment of requirements of legal acts on safety and fire safety, performance of organizational-technical, sanitary-hygienic, socio-economic, and medical-preventive measures aimed at preventing accidents, occupational diseases of workers
  • control over employees’ compliance with the requirements of laws and other regulations on occupational safety and fire
  • development of comprehensive measures to achieve the established standards and increase the existing level of occupational safety and fire safety, plans, programs for improving working conditions, preventing occupational injuries, occupational diseases, providing organizational and methodological assistance in carrying out the planned measures
  • verification of compliance by employees with the requirements of regulations on occupational safety and fire safety
  • conducting introductory occupational safety, on-the-job and fire safety briefing
  • accounting and analysis of the causes of occupational injuries and occupational diseases
  • consideration of letters, statements and complaints of employees of the Inspectorate concerning compliance with the legislation on occupational safety and fire
  • organization of preparation of information stands, corners, meetings and seminars on occupational safety and fire safety
  • advice and clarification on matters within the competence of the sector
  • development, compilation and editing of information-analytical, methodological-consultative materials for the purpose of preparation of information for printing and publication of printed matter for the purpose of their dissemination
  • ensuring the sustainable functioning of MORTEST AST
  • analysis and systematization of comments regarding the functioning of MORTEST AST
  • study, analysis and generalization of the experience of the leading countries in the field of merchant navigation in the application of the systems of testing and certification of seafarers’ qualifications
  • interaction with maritime educational institutions and updating of test tasks
  • completing new test tasks and bug fixing of MORTEST database
  • support for the operation of the software used by the inspection staff
  • support for Internet connection software
  • administration of server operating systems, database management systems, mail services, user access management
  • overseeing the use of system and application software
  • control of operability of video recorders, ensuring accumulation, storage of video information
  • preparation, development and implementation of new software tools